Monday, September 17, 2012

Flat Sandy Goes to the Library

This morning was such a beautiful morning. When I went outside, the sun was still sleeping, so I was glad about that. It looks like it might be a cloudy day today. It must have rained over overnight because my car was a little wet. But it was not soaking wet. So, Flat Sandy and I went to the Bessemer Public Library.

The Bessemer Public Library was located in the historic downtown Bessemer. The area is usually busy, until around 5 o'clock. We had so much fun. We read different children's literature books and read a couple of magazines. I also made a couple of copies while I was there. Of course, some people were wondering what I was doing with a paper puppet. But, it was fun to watch their reactions.

After we left the library, Flat Sandy decided to make a rap. Here it goes:

Sunday, September 9, 2012

Flat Sandy Goes to King's Wing's

Last night Flat Sandy and I were very hungry. So, we decided to go to King's Wings in Bessemer, Al. It was very chilly outside, so we had to grab our jackets. We arrived at King's Wing's and surprisingly, they were not as busy as they usually are. The other businesses they were connected to, Rose Nails and Main Moon, also were not busy. So, we were very happy about that. We ordered some honey mustard wings with a fruit punch. The food was delicious. After we left King's Wings, we went back home. I got my clothes ready for church and then we watched some movies until we fell asleep.

Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Flat Sandy Goes to F.Y.E.

Last night was such a beautiful night. The gentle breeze from the wind felt great. The moon was shining bright and we just had to go out and enjoy the weather. So, Flat Sandy and I decided to go to F.Y.E. in Homewood, Alabama. F.Y.E. is located in a busy area in Homewood. There were lots of stores and restaurants. However, traffic was light, so we had no problem getting there in a timely manner.

F.Y.E. (for your entertainment) is a great music store that has large amounts of various music genres. F.Y.E. also sells posters, pillows, earphones, and much more. We had such a great time! We listened to most of the genres in the store and we also scanned over some of the newly released dvds. Flat Sandy's favorite genre was pop. She loves Miley Cyrus and Flat Sandy's favorite song by Miley Cyrus is "Party in the U.S.A.".

For more information about F.Y.E., click on the link below:

Thursday, August 23, 2012

Flat Sany Goes to the Laundromat

So, today Flat Sandy and I washed some clothes. I do not own a dryer, so we had to go to a local laundromat to dry them. Pike's AAA Laundromat was located in a quiet area in Bessemer, so we felt safe going there. We had fun watching television and listening to music. We also meet and talked to new people while we waited for the clothes to dry. We then had to go back out in the hot sun. The temperature for today was 90 degrees and it felt like it. Overall, Flat Sandy and I had a great time together.